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Medical Marijuana of the Rockies Closed April 24, 2015

Our Dearest Customers,

We are saddened to announce I am forced to close our store after 6 years of grateful service to the medical marijuana community.  Though there are many contributors to the closing of the store, we want to make sure our patients understand how much their loyalty is appreciated.  To show this we are reaching out to you to explain why the store is closing, and to provide you some great prices to make sure your medicinal needs are met after we close.

As many of you are aware, we were attempting to move our operations from our current location to the The Managers Building located across the parking lot from the Holiday Inn.  In January, 2015 the owner of the Holiday Inn, Adam Pietraczek, was unsuccessful in preventing our business from being licensed in the building with the Town of Frisco. This Holiday Inn franchise (New Visions Hotels) partnered with an organization named Safe Street Alliance to file civil RICO charges against our business and the various relationships we have. 

We had planned to be open in the new location by January 2015, however the RICO charges created by these people have caused conflicts with our partners. As a result the purchase contract expired March 31st before we could perform on it, and have a new location to move into.  Our lease at the current location near Starbuck's ends this April and our current landlord Fred Ebert isn't going to renew it.  Now MMRockies must be out of our current location by April 28th. This means our last day open to our customers will be April 24th.

Things are moving fast.  What this means to you as a valued member of our community first and foremost is making sure your needs are taken care of well after we close our doors.  We have reduced our prices on flower to move it before closing, in addition to increasing your membership discount from 15% to 25%.  Current prices are roughly $120 and ounce which you can purchase up to 2 ounces a day of.  Additionally, we have reduced our house concentrate prices from $28 per gram, to $18 per gram.  Visit our website at for more details.

Thank you again for the great experiences, and the honor to serve you. If Mr. Bob Haussman, the seller, becomes more amicable to the situation and can find a way to make things work out it would be good for everyone.

We wish you the best in health and well being,

Jerry Olson and The Medical Marijuana of the Rockies Staff

We are asking our customers, and especially those of you we have had a positive impact in your life and health, we would appreciate if you could help our legal battle.  A site has been setup on FundRazr to help us raise money for our legal costs.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and will aid in our returning to provide you top quality cannabis products!  Please use the widget below to donate.

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