Colorado Medical Marijuana Resources

— March 19, 2015

The Safety of Using Medical Marijuana

With states increasingly legalizing the use of medical marijuana, more people are becoming aware of its benefits. Currently, 23 states have legalized medical cannabis in some form, and four states – including Colorado – have approved it for recreational use. The progression in this area has put the spotlight on the safety of using products from a Breckenridge medical marijuana dispensary, especially when compared to other recreational drugs or pharmaceuticals.

— February 25, 2015

Medical Marijuana Versus Recreational Marijuana

With all of the recent media attention over the legalization of certain forms of marijuana, many members of the general public have been left confused about the differences between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana Colorado. In November of 2012, Colorado’s Amendment 64 was passed in favor of the legalization and regulation of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses.

— February 24, 2015

Jerry Olson of MM of the Rockies talks his lawsuit vs. the Holiday Inn.

Jerry Olson of MM of the Rockies talks his lawsuit vs. the Holiday Inn.

— February 20, 2015

Colorado's First RICO Case

Medical Marijuana of the Rockies is now at the heart of the first-ever racketeering lawsuit filed against a marijuana dispensary since marijuana became legal.

— July 31, 2014

Rick Simpson Oil

Phoenix Tears is a highly concentrated cannabis oil that is made from the flower of the plant that can cure cancer, skin cancer, and other forms of cancers in the body. Most patients ingest a gram of oil a day over a three month period to cure their cancer. Though, some patients have required a longer amount of time to treat their condition.