About Medical Marijuana of the Rockies

Medical Marijuana of the Rockies celebrated five years of serving Colorado's medical marijuana patients on August 1, 2014. What a long strange trip it's been ... and we've only just begun!

Jerry OlsonMedical Marijuana of the Rockies was founded in August, 2009 by Jerry Olson. It is his mission to provide a safe, secure environment where patients can come and ask questions, get great advice and feel like they are with friends. The staff at his Summit County dispensary is top notch in what they do, and is always ready to help you find a strain that will work for you or to help pick out a plant for you to take home.

Our medical marijuana dispensary carries, on average, 12 strains of finished medicine. There are currently 28 strains of moms that we are cutting clones from and rooting in rockwool. We provide some of the best clones in the state ... all female, high quality, healthy and pest free. Come see for yourself why so many growers rely on us for all of their clone needs.

Need some literature or videos to figure out what you are getting into, or to perfect your methods? We have the largest selection of books and videos in the High Country. Our medical marijuana dispensary has everything you need to get the most out of your medicine.

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